Did you know that at many schools you don’t need to audition to be a part of the marching band? If you play a band instrument, you’re in; you may even qualify for a scholarship. What’s an Eating Club? What do they replace? Which school are they unique to? Do you want to see a part of history? We can get you into Harvard’s first nighttime football game.

Who are we?


COLLEGECLICKTV.COM streams video content of students, local merchants, faculty and staff from over colleges and universities across the US. Reviews range from the best professors to the best off-campus nightspot to a tailgating party before the big game to the cafeteria food. All of our videos are filmed by professional videographers and edited by professional post-production staff. COLLEGECLICKTV.COM is absolutely the only web site, of this magnitude and scope, to offer peer review video content on this subject matter.

Our mission is to help a high school junior or senior with an interest in attending college make an informed decision while keeping the stress-levels low by providing entertainment and social networking features. Transfer students and even current college students interested in other college cultures can utilize the site as well.

Here, a student interested in the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt or UCLA can come to our site and search for anything from aspects of nightlife to campus activities to Greek life and much more. This site, in essence, picks up where the college sponsored web site leaves off. Although we do also provide school stats and other basic info, we are not competition for those other sites–we act as a complement. We’re like the gravy to their mashed potatoes.

So, are you dying to talk to the students at the University of Hawaii but can’t find a good deal on airfare? Want to check out the slopes in Colorado but live all the way in Florida? Interested in seeing the campus sitting on two of the nicest beaches in America (bet you didn’t know that’s Northwestern University in Chicago) but can’t get to the Open House? You can visit these and any of over 100 campuses, plus more coming soon, without having to leave your room or spending a fortune on travel.

What would you rather do: Go on a week-long road trip with your parents and squished into the back seat with your siblings hopping from campus to campus on a tight schedule, or sit back at home and click from campus to campus instead? The choice is simple.

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