Let's Prey
America Is Ready For A First Class Edunation
Getting In Is The Easy Part
Somewhere over the rainbow Jayhawks fly
Be Major
We're Four Blocks From The White House. How 'Bout Some Party Re-Financing?
I Am Miami
The Strip Starts Here
4 Out Of 5 Guidance Counselors Recommend Colgate.
Wash In: Cold, Dark, Damp, Rainy, Wind Swept Water! Size: Huskie
Distinguished Alumni: Tony Soprano - Class of 1983
Alma Mater of Google Founders
Kiss Our Dairy Air
Room And Board
Just Looking For That Bridge To Somewhere
Carolina True Blues
Joe Paterno Is Penn State
From The Bush League To The Ivy League
Take The High Road. Las Vegas. Salt Lake.
Undergrad NYU
Ole Miss
Wanted Sooner Or Later, John Heisman On The Run
Pray Like A Champion Today, We Haven't Been Champs Since 1988
Drnk Drve. Thankfully, I Was Left Out.
Education, Green Wave Co. Spicy Hot Source, New Orleans LA Tulane Since 1834
#2 Princeton University
No Pain No Gainesvilli
Why Follow? Lead?
Love Our Hoops
You Work Hard. You're Entitled To A Water Break.
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