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Auburn University

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202 Martin Hall
Auburn, AL 36849
(334) 844-4000

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NOW PLAYING: Adam D. - greek life game day football activities
Adam D.
Greek Life, Game Day, Football, Activities
Alex W.
Marketing Major, Game Day, Tailgating
Alisa K.
Freshman, Off Campus Living, Game Day
Alison B.
Provino's Restaurant, Dorms, Activities
Alison F.
Greek Life, Off Campus Living, Student Body
Alison V.
Dr. Henry, Off Campus Living, Tennis, Intramural Sports
Ally T.
Special Education Major, Classes, Campus
Ally W.
Greek Life, Sorority, Bars, Activities
Amaritiv M.
Mechanical Engineering, Student Union, Professors, Groups
Andy W.
Freshman, Campus, Activities
Bill L.
Bodega, Nightlife, Bar
Blackston P.
Political Science, Professors, Employment, Nightlife, Bodega, Housing
Blate H.
Food, Student Body, Campus
Bob E.
Greek Life, Fraternity, Game Day, Football
Bonnie G.
Food, Restaurant, 1617
Brandon B.
People, Activities, Sports, Girls
Breanna J & Kristy C.
Student Groups, Concerts, Activities
Britney S.
Greek Life, Sorority, Accounting Major
Brooke B. & Ashley D.
Food, Restaurants
Cain H.
Science Education Major, Professors, Student Body
Caitlyn M.
Professors, Housing, Transportation, Sports Hostesses, Sorority
Candice B.
Campus, Theater Department, Jobs
Carl L.
Business Finance, Dr. Lawrence, Dorms, Nightlife, Skybar, Campus
Carlos S.
Fraternity, Campus, Activities
Casey H.
Food, Restaurants, Sushi
Charlie G.
Greek Life, Fraternity, Activities, SkyBar
Charlie O.
TKE, Fraternity, Housing, Restaurants, Nightlife, Skybar
Chelsea J. & Kristin S.
Food, Restaurant
Chelsey B.
International Business, Food, Apartments, Parties
Chris A.
Film Department, Transportation, Bike, Activities
Chris B.
Radio Station Tour
Chris B.
Campus, Biology Professor, Housing, Restaurants, Lupton Deli, Frisbee, Classes
Christopher M.
Professor Dollar, Biology Class, Dorms
Courtney G.
Pharmacy Program, Housing, Restaurants, Barbecue House, Nightlife, Skybar
Dalecia H.
Professors, Off Campus Living, Activities
Daniel H.
Greek Life, Sororities, Student Body
Darla P.
College St, Nightlife, Activities
David F.
Civil Engineering, Professor, Nightlife, The Supper Club, Restaurants,
Don D.
Momma Goldberg's Deli, Restaurant, Food
Dortan G.
Student Body, Campus, Greek Life, Game Day
Dottie M.
Anders Book Store, Books, Shopping
Eloise F.
Food, Restaurant
Emily W.
Restaurants, Bars, Off Campus Housing
Eric I.
Computer Engineering, Free Running, Professors
Eric S.
Stamp, Shops
Freddie B.
Big Blue Bagel, Food, Restaurant
Greg L.
Southern Trails, Auburn
Greg M.
Mechanical Engineering, Lacrosse, Housing, Nightlife, Skybar, Bourbon Street, Studying
Greg T.
Student Body, Diversity, Campus
Griffen W & Drew T.
Greek Life, Fraternity, Nightlife, Sky Bar
Guy P & Group.
Nightlife, Bars, Student Body
Haley C.
Taylor's Bakery, Food
Hannah G.
Wildlife Science, Professor Miller, Clubs, Annex, Restaurants, Niffers, Nightlife, Skybar
Hector G.
People, Facilities, Football, Studying
Horhay R.
Cambridge Coffee Shop, Activities, Campus
Jacqueline S.
Human Resources, Professors, World History, Dorms
Jake H.
Student Body, Majors, Campus
Janet C.
Greek Life, Sorority, Dr.Bein
Janiqua G.
Atmosphere, Academics, Sports, Housing, Transportation
Jase M.
Atmosphere, Restaurants, Nightlife, Sports, Biology Professor
Jenna N.
English Professor, Library, Housing, Restaurants, Dunkin Darlins
Jessica M.
Campus, Clubs, Restaurants, Moe's
Jim C.
Mechanical Engineering, Football, Parties
Joey L.
Political Science Major, Student Clubs, Activities
John P.
Campus, Student Body, Activities
John S.
Student Groups, Off Campus Living, Activities
John W.
College Street, Nightlife, Off Campus Living
Kathleen D.
Momma Goldberg's Deli, Restaurant, Food
Kayla S.
Dorms, Diversity, Activities, Tiger Walk
Kenneth T.
Moe's Southwest Grill. Restaurant
Krista L & Ashley Z.
Nightlife, Bars, Student Body
Leah H.
Architecture Major, Activities, Game Day, Sports
Lindsay B.
Honor's College, Dorms, Food
Marcus P & Andria K.
Black Student Union, Student Clubs, Food
Mario S.
Greek Life, Fraternity, Diversity, Student Body,
Marty P.
Graphic Design, Football, Art Professor, Atmosphere, Nightlife, Girls
Matt G.
Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars
Michael H.
Professor Demme, Classes, Activities
Michael N.
International Business, Biology Professor, TKE, Fraternity, Nightlife, Skybar
Michael R.
Dr. Dobson, Professors, Classes, Campus
Michael W.
Civil Engineering, Sports, Campus, Environment, Restaurants
Michael Y.
Atmosphere, Football, Nightlife, Skybar, Professor, Studying, Sports, Housing
Michelle J.
Off Campus Living, Game Day, Tailgating, Activities
Mike L.
Big Blue Bagel, Food, Restaurant
Money B.
Location, Partying, Professor
MV Y & Ashley N.
Campus, College St, Activities, Professors
Nakesha L.
Professors, Diversity, Activities
Neil T.
Atmosphere, Army Scholarship, Activities, ROTC, Tailgating, People, Restaurants
Nicholas J.
Marketing, English Professor, Band, Housing
Nick S.
Big Blue Bagel, Food, Restaurant
Nikia L.
Atmosphere, School Spirit, Classes, Restaurants, Studying
Nolan H.
Campus, Community, Professors, Activities, Transportation
Pat M.
Johnson And Malone Book Store
Pervis R.
Campus, Professor Brody, Tiger Transit, Student Activities Center, Location
Peyton G.
Army ROTC, Activities, Military Science
Rajesh S.
International Student, Sociology, Housing, Indian Association
Randy F.
Atmosphere, Campus, Community, Fraternities, Sports, Activities, Professors
Ray A.
Civil Engineering, Tailgating
Rebecca D.
Accounting Major, Professors, Classes, College Street
Robert A.
Linguistics Major, Greek Life, Fraternity
Ryan H.
Professors, Christian Organizations, Housing, Campus, Homework
Sasha H.
Pharmacy Program, Parties, People
Shalonda C.
Off Campus Living, Professors, Activities, Campus
Shavon T.
Mellow Mushroom, Restaurant, Campus
Shawntey C.
Apparel Design, Apartments, Guys
Shellen H.
Jobs, Campus, Student Body
Shural J. & Chantal J.
Food, Restaurant
Stephen S.
Intramural Football, Professors , Activities
Stephen Z.
Campus Life, Swim Team, Sports, Activities
Tameria Z.
Dr. Smith, Business Law, Classes, Dorms, Game Day
Tamira H.
Diversity, Campus, Activities
Taylor B.
Sports, Parks, Classes
Tiffany M.
Journalism, Location, Impact Club, Golf Team, Dorms, Tiger Card, Restaurants, Nightlife
Trent T.
Business Administration, Housing, Groups, Campus, People, Restaurants, The Cambridge
Tyler P.
Nightlife, Skybar, Classes, Location, Restaurants, Groups
Whitla B.
Landscaping, Atmosphere, Student Life
William J.
Criminology, Apartments, Nightlife, Food
Auburn University COMMENTS
Auburn began with football. Then a school was built around the stadium and a town around the school. The culture is consistent with its southern roots: very conservative and religiously infused, so if you want diversity this isn't your sweet tea. What it lacks in variety Auburn makes up in quality. Beautiful libraries, supportive staff, and fervent spirit. With a strong sense of tradition and pride most students will say that this school gets to your core and they love it! Students are friendly, sports enthusiasts who worship everything Auburn.
TonyViet (July 20, 2013)
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aub879 (November 7, 2007)
I really want to go to Auburn. Can I live off campus as a freshman?
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