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University of Nevada Las Vegas

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4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89154

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Mountain West
Religious Affiliation:
Academic Calendar:
Application Deadline:
Application Fee:
SAT Critical Reading:
450 - 550
SAT Math:
450 - 580
SAT Writing:
ACT Composite:
19 - 24
In State Tuition:
Out State Tuition:
Room & Board:
Student Faculty Ratio:
Student Body:
Avg. Cost of Supplies:
Required Fees:
Avg. GPA:
NOW PLAYING: Jason R. - Greek life Delta Chi philanthropy fraternity brotherhood party life
Ann M. & Derek D.
Girls, Guys, Bellagio, Chip & Dale's
Greg W. & Laura C.
Paris, Party, Girls
Juan D.
Caesar's Palace, Girls
Lafi K.
Frozen 75, Clubs, Nightlife
Tyler H.
Tailgating, Sports
Adam B.
Tailgating, Sports
Adam C.
Fraternities, Nightlife, Bars, Food
Aila H.
Greek Life, Parties
Alex H. & David S.
Jazz Performance, Dorms, Student Union, Music
Alicia R.
People, Campus, Las Vegas
Allison F.
Classes, Professors, Campus, Sports
Alma V.
Student Union, Greek Life, Events
Alyssa N.
Safety, All Night Joe's, Restaurant, Football
Alyssa W. & Group
Amanda P.
Restaurant, Bar, Nightlife
Amy T.
Tailgating, Football, Academics
Andrew A.
Nursing Program, Gym, Nightlife, Football, The Palms, Bars
Andrey H.
Game Room, Internet, Study Lounge, International Students
Andy R.
Fraternities, Nightlife
Angela Q.
Food, Classes, Accounting, Professors
Angela S. & Frank M.
Tailgating, Sports
Arian F.
Girls, Guys, Food, Nightlife, Margaritaville, Bars
Ashley F. & Britney E.
Political Science, Food, Greek Life
Ashley S.
Student Recreational Center, Facilities, Campus, Events, Diversity
Ben D. & Danica J.
Ben S. & Bunkey E.
Fraternities, Nightlife, Transportation
Beth S.
Tangerine, Boys
Blake C.
Bar, Beer, Crown And Anchor
Blake F.
Basketball, Food
Brent M.
Recreational Center, Campus, Safety
Britney B.
Campus, Classes, Transportation
Bruce S.
Freshman, Majors
Bryan C.
The Freaking Frog, Bars, Nightlife
Bryan W.
Sports, Greek Life, Transportation, Campus
Camille A.
Video Games, Game Room, Food
Carl A.
Freshman, Cafeteria, Recreational Center
Carla F. & Francis A.
Millennium Scholarship, Lingerie Parties, Academics, International Program
Carley B. & Group
Pure, Beer, Playboy
Carly D. & Ryan D.
Campus, Blondie's, Bars, Nightlife
Casey B.
Diversity, Greek Life,
Casey L.
Tailgating, Sports, Food
Cathy K.
Cafeteria, Weather
Celine Y. & Danica S.
Student Life, Football, Tailgating
Chastity T.
Greek Life, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sorority, Las Vegas
Chelsea S. & Amy S.
Campus Life, Tailgating
Chris A.
Student Life, Football, Tailgating, Nightlife
Chris D.
Tailgating, Sports
Chris H.
Business Management, Nightlife, Blue Man Group, Legends
Christina B.
Greek Life, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sorority, Las Vegas
Christina F. & Sara B.
Food, Activities, Campus, Dorms, Boyd Hall, Football, School Spirit
Cody D.
Tailgating, Sports
Corbin C.
Freshmen, Nightlife
Dan K.
Tailgating, Sports
Dan U.
Fraternities, Sports, Activities
Dan Z.
Rebel Card, Nightlife
Daniel H. & Leng L.
Pool, Ping Pong, Arcade, Food
Daniel M.
Campus, Parking, Transportation, Activities, Freshman
Daniella T.
Soccer, Lounges
Danielle D.
Steak Out Bar And Grill, Food, Restaurants, Bar, Parties
Dave E.
Restaurant, Bar, Nightlife
David G.
Tailgating, Sports
Delgado P.
UNLV Book Store
Dex D.
Campus, Sports, Activities
Diana S.
Weather, Recreational Center, Classes
Donnie G.
Campus, Books, Student Body
Doug F.
Greek Life, Alpha Tau Omega, Leadershape
Doug F.
Fraternities, Activities, Nightlife
Eddie G.
Greek Life, Sigma Delta Alpha, Fraternity, Marketing, Diversity
Emily G.
Food, Dorms
Eric B.
Forensics, Roommates, Nightlife, Dining Complex, Panda Express
Eric S.
Student Life, Tailgating
Gavin B.
Recreational Center, Library, Student Body
George C.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Nightlife
Giancarlo S.
Greek Life, Alpha Theta Omega, Fraternity, Campus, Diversity
Grace R.
Greek Life, Food, Sorority
Greg M.
Greek Life, Sports, Tailgating
Greg W.
Architecture, Classes, Student Life, Greek Life, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Girls
Hailey H.
Bellagio, Beacher's Mad House, New York New York, Hard Rock Café, Nightlife
Harry G.
Tailgating, Sports
Heidi B.
Hotel Management, Campus, Faculty
Ingmar D. & Group
The Strip, Nightlife, The Luxor, Treasure Island
Jackie L.
Campus, Classes, Nightlife
Jackie O.
Food, Rebel Card, Restaurants
James K.
Restaurant, Stephano's
Jane D.
Jasmine E.
Nightlife, Dorms, Campus, Activities
Jason R.
Greek Life, Delta Chi, Philanthropy, Fraternity, Brotherhood, Party Life
Jay C.
Campus, Transportation
Jay R.
Girls, Criminal Justice
Jennifer F. & Crystal H.
Jessica A. & Michelle A.
Nightlife, Rock Of House, Bar
Jessica B.
Diversity, The Strip, Commuting, Food, Firefly
Jessica M. & Randy W.
Greek Life, Nightlife, Campus
Jessica P.
Jessica W.
Student Life, Tailgating, Curriculum, Las Vegas
John H.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Quiz Night, Nightlife
John M.
Tailgating, Sports
Jonathan C.
Business Management, Nutrition, Classes, Dorms
Jonathan R.
Campus, Facilities, Girls, Football, Basketball
Jordan P.
Nightlife, Fraternities, Recreational Center, Safety
Jordan R.
Greek Life, Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity
Jorge C.
Greek Life, Fraternity
Justin F.
UNLV Bookstore, Rebel Books
Katie C. & Brent H.
Freshman, Campus, Activities
Kelly D.
Theater, Design, Professors, Internships, Food, The Kind & I, Restaurants
Kelly T.
Greek Life, Student Union
Ken S.
Bars, House Parties
Kevin D.
Campus, Food, Classes
Kevin N.
Campus, Recreational Center
Kozue M.
Weather, Recreational Center, Fashion Show Mall, Shopping
Kristen B. & John T.
Tailgating, Sports
Kristin A.
Transfer Students, Environmental Science
Kunytashi S.
Hotel Management
Kyle A. & Alanna M.
Student Life, Curriculum, Nightlife, Football
Latha A.
Recreational Center, Activities, Safety, Dorms
Lauren A. & Group
Student Life, Sports, Food
Lawnray W.
Food, Panda Express, Taco Bell
Leon D.
Tailgating, Food, Sports
Leslie L.
Greek Life, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sorority, Campus, Facilities
Lisa B.
Nightlife, Greek Life, Freshmen
Lloyd G.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Nightlife
Lorenzo A. & Chris S.
Student Life, Tailgating, Sports
Loyd B.
Food, Campus Money
Luke R.
Student Life, Football
Lynden K.
Malei P.
Meetings And Events Planning, Classes, UNLV Book Store, Nightlife, Ghost Bar, Bars
Marcel S. & Eliot L.
Greek Life, Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, The Divine Nine, Philanthropy
Marcel S. & Group
Trish, Bars, Nightlife, Football, Greek Life
Maria K.
Hookah Lounge
Marico M.
Student Life, Greek Life, Football
Mark L.
Greek Life, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fraternity
Marquel M.
Sports, Football
Martin M.
Fraternities, Nightlife, Activities
Mary O.
Campus, Activities, Student Clubs
Mason G.
Student Life
Matt P.
Football, Recreational Center
Matt R.
Recreational Center, Nightlife, Campus, Classes
Matt U.
Tailgating, Sports, Food
Matthew D.
Student Life, Greek Life, Sports, Tailgating
Matthew E.
Student Organization Of Addiction Professionals
Matthew L.
Film Major, Activities, Campus
Max M.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Nightlife
Michael R.
Greek Life, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fraternity
Michelle E.
Campus, Majors, Dorms, Safety
Michelle H.
MGM, Ladybugs, The Octane
Mike D.
International Student, Campus, Career Placement
Mike D.
International Student, Campus, Career Placement
Mike S.
The Strip, Roberto's, Food, Restaurants
Mike V.
Campus, Student Body, Freshman
Mike W.
Youth Program, Student Clubs
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Nightlife
Monica R. & Kara K.
Campus, Nightlife, Clubs, Bars
Nadia D.
Food, Student Union, Campus, In N' Out, Restaurants
Nathan R.
Campus, Activities
Nick D.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Girls, Nightlife
Nicky W.
Greek Life, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sorority
Nicole C.
Tailgating, Sports, Food
Nicole S. & Lauran V.
Tao, Dancing, Drinking, Boys, Girls
Orlando R.
Tailgating, Sports
Peter A.
Campus, Cafeteria, Activities
Phil A.
Tailgating, Sports
Preston S.
Tailgating, Sports, Fraternities
Rachael B. & Holly S.
Sororities, Nightlife, Dorms, Foods
Rachael D.
Journalism, Public Relations, Las Vegas, Internships
Randy R.
Greek Life, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fraternity
Rebecca O. & Group
Student Life
Richie P.
Student Life
Rob C.
The Burger Barn Restaurant, Activities, Safety, Sports
Rob J.
Campus, Student Body, Activities
Robert T.
Tailgating, Sports
Ronnie S.
Sports, Campus, Classes
Ryan D.
Campus, Cafeteria
Sam J.
Nightlife, Recreational Center, Safety, Weather
Sandy C.
Crown & Anchor Taxi, State Parks, Valley Of Fire, Mohave National Forest, Hostels
Sandy C.
Crown & Anchor, Bars, Girls, Nightlife
Sara P.
Greek Life, Alpha Xi Delta, Sorority, Philanthropy, Classes
Sara R.
The Freakin Frog, Bars, Campus, Nightlife
Sarah F.
Campus, Nightlife, Freshman
Sarah R. & Dennis W.
Food, Starbucks, Greek Life, Game Room
Saro O.
Stephano's Hookah Bar & Lounge, Bars, Nightlife
Scott T.
Campus, Tailgating, Sports
Sean B.
Recreational Center, Weather, Activities
Shane B.
Campus, Greek Life, Activities, Clubs
Shatoya B.
Student Life, Curriculum
Stacy S. & Sarah R.
Student Life, Tailgating
Stacy S. & Susan A.
Sororities, Activities, Clubs
Stephanie C. & Rica W.
Student Life, Dorms, Tailgating
Stephanie D. & Group
M&M Store, New York New York, Nightlife
Stephanie M.
Majors, Nightlife, Classes, Campus
Steve K.
Taylor W. & Group
Student Life, Tailgating
Thomas T.
Cafeteria, Recreational Center, Campus
Tiffany Z. & Group
Greek Life, Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Millennium Scholarship
Tiger M.
Pool, Activities, Bars, Clubs
Tom B.
Trish M.
The Freakin Frog, Food, Bars, The Whiskey Attic, Nightlife
Vanessa M. & Christy R.
Biology, Library, People, Nightlife, The Strip, The Omelet House
Vince W.
Willard P.
Tailgating, Sports, Freshman
University of Nevada Las Vegas COMMENTS
Vegas is a year-round city and though the weather, like the people, is strange at times, being in the desert keeps sunshine abounding and students are generally all smiles here. Though they enjoy the crazy and reckless freedom that come along with Sin City, students still manage to study. Students will not find themselves in classes with more than 200, which is relatively small for such a big school. With The Strip as its neighbor it makes perfect sense why students seek out UNLV for its Hotel & Hospitality program.
theSTRIP (March 12, 2009)
There's nothing better than vegas
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