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Virginia Tech

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201 Burruss Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-6267

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NOW PLAYING: Brian N. - Greek life fraternity dorms
Tim L.
Game Day, Football, Sports, Food
Adam C.
Campus, Dorms, Activities
Alexis Z.
Game Day, Football, Gumbe, Restaurant
Amandare J.
Dorms, West End, Restaurant, Food, Students
Amber Y.
Campus, Student Body, Food, Dorms
Andrew M.
Game Day, Football Sports
Anthony V.
Campus, Transportation, Football, Student Clubs
Ashley A.
Major, Activities, Student Body, Campus
Bret M.
Back Street, Restaurant, Food
Brian N.
Greek Life, Fraternity, Dorms
Brittany H.
Dorms, Food, Campus, Activities
Caleb S.
Campus, Classes, Activities
Candice H.
Campus, Student Body, Food
Caroline B.
Campus, Sports, Football, Activities
Charlie C.
Campus, Dorms, Student Body, Freshman
Charlie V. & Page W.
Cafeteria, Food, Dorms, Football
Chris L.
Souvlaki, Restaurant
Dan M.
Game Day, Football Sports, Team Spirit
David B.
Engineering Major, Food, Cafeteria, Sports, Football
David J.
The Green House, Store
Dominique Y.
Campus, Professor, Activities, Classes
Drew D. & Alex S.
Game Day, Football Sports
Dwight L.
Team Spirit, Football, Sports, Activities, Game Day
Eric Z.
Dorms, Activities, Campus, Student Body
Grant F.
Souvlaki, Restaurant, Student Body, Food, Bars
Greg P.
Cafeteria, Food, Meal Plan, Campus
Jason H.
Tailgating, Game Day, Sports, Football
Jason W.
Campus, Professors, Classes, Activities
Jeff G. & Group
Student Body, Freshman, Classes, Film
Jess Y.
Game Day, Dorms, Food, Activities
Jessica M. & Mary C.
Cafeteria, Food, Student Clubs
Jimmy L. & Tommy C.
Campus, Student Body, Nightlife, Girls
Johanna G.
Campus, Classes, Professors, Advisory
John B.
Campus, Food, Activities, Dorms
Kathryn T.
Campus, Internet, Activities
Kelly Z.
Engineering Major, Freshman, Campus, Activities
Kim Z.
Campus, Student Body, Activities, Rugby, Sports
Kim Z.
Campus, Professors, Food
Libby Z.
Classes, Nightlife, Activities
Lindsay S.
Campus, Nightlife, Dorms, Activities
Lisa M.
Campus, Cafeteria, Food, Dorms
Luke F.
Team Spirit, Dame Day, Football, Sports
Maggie Z.
Campus, Food, Coffee, Dorms, Majors
Matt H.
Dorms, Nightlife, Activities, Classes
Matt L.
Campus, Freshman, Student Body
Megan S.
School Spirit, Food, Math Classes, Internet
Meredith H.
Gillis, Restaurant, Food
Meredith V.
Professors, Student Body, V Dobs, Restaurant
Mike B.
Souvlaki, Restaurant
Mike V.
Team Spirit, Football, Sports, Activities, Game Day
Nathan O.
Campus, Weather, DX, Restaurant, Professors
Nathan V.
Campus, Professors, Classes
Nick B.
Food, Cafeteria, Student Clubs, Sports
Samuel A.
Campus, Professors, Foods, Dorms,
Sarah E.
Greek Life, Moe's, Restaurant, Activities, Bars
Scott S.
Gillis, Restaurant, Food
Sean K. & Favin D.
Campus, Activities, Dorms
Shay R.
Dorms, Student Body, Food
Stephanie Z.
Game Day, Football Sports
Tracy H.
Campus, Professors, Chemistry Class
Tyler F.
School Spirit, Classes, Work Load, Game Day
Yow C.
Mechanical Engineering Major, Top Of The Stairs, Bar, Nightlife, Professor Chang
Virginia Tech COMMENTS
Though it's the university with the largest full-time enrollment in Virginia, everyone still comes together to celebrate Hoakie pride. Just be aware that aside from international students, diversity here is pretty weak in terms of ethnic backgrounds. It's known as a school for computer and engineering geeks, but its agriculture, forestry, architecture, and veterinary medicine programs are also strong programs. There's also still a corps of cadets, stemming from the initial foundation of the university as a military college.
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