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Towson University

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8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001

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Academic Calendar:
Application Deadline:
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SAT Critical Reading:
490 - 580
SAT Math:
500 - 590
SAT Writing:
500 - 580
ACT Composite:
20 - 24
In State Tuition:
Out State Tuition:
Room & Board:
Student Faculty Ratio:
Student Body:
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NOW PLAYING: Steven B. - recreational center gym weight room
Aaron B.
Partying, Drinking
Adam A.
Marching Band, Scholarship
Aldo G.
Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar, Restaurant, Atmosphere, Food
Alex P. & Group
Campus, Activities, The Melting Pot, Restaurant
Alexis W.
Campus, Freshman Advice
Alice N. & Katie D.
Cheerleading, Tailgating, Team Spirit
Alicia F.
Tailgating, School Spirit, Drinking
Alicia J
Yearbook Committee
Alicia S.
Alicia S.
Baltimore, Campus, Transportation, The Towers, Dorm
Allie M. & Amy H.
Nightlife, Transportation, Parties, Greek Life, The Green Turtle, CBP's
Amanda C. & Group
Dance Team
Amanda H.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Amanda M.
Academics, Football, Tailgating
Amanda T.
Campus, Professors, Commuting
Amy G.
Marching Band, School Spirit, Game Day
Andrea P. & Nicole C.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Angelica H. & Group
Tailgating, School Spirit
Antwon W.
Beach Bum's Ice Cream, Restaurant
Ashley D. & Group
Academics, People, School Spirit
Ashley F.
Campus, Beach, Clubs, Perfect Pitch, Sports, Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Ashley H. & Dana W.
Ice Hookah Lounge
Ben R. & Celeste P.
Arts Program, Football, School Size
Beth S.
The Rec Room, Location, Pool, Record Theater
Beth W.
Tailgate, Greek Life, Fraternity, Sorority, Philanthropy, Race For A Cure
Bethany B.
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking
Brandon W.
Boys, Girls, Greek Life, Sigma Pi
Brian N. & Group
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking
Brianna F. & Nicole M.
Greek Life, Sorority, Philanthropy
Britney C.
Tailgating, Sports, Football
Brittney R. & Lauren R.
Nightlife, B-lounge
Brooke M. & Maria N.
Diversity, Atmosphere, Color Guard
Caitlin K.
Souris' Saloon, Bar, Beer, Food, Guys
Cara M.
Sorority, School Spirit, Dance Team, Organizations
Caroline R.
Activities, Dancer, Homecoming
Casey P.
Sushi Bar, Restaurant
Casey S.
Classes, Student Clubs & Activities, Greek Life, Guys, The Towers, Dorm
Casey S.
Music, Bands, Venues
Chelsea K.
Classes, Sports, Swimming, Coaches
Chris G.
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking
Chris H. & Group
Student Body, School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Chris R. & Group
Souris' Saloon, Bars
Chris U.
Student Clubs And Activities, Filipino Culture Association, People, Classes
Christina H.
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking
Cindy B.
Plaza Artist Materials, Store
Claire D.
Dorms, Campus
Colleen N.
Tailgating, Team Spirit
Corinne M.
Tailgating, Drinking, School Spirit, Diversity
Courtney H.
Recreational Center, Gym, Track
Courtney V.
Dorms, Nightlife, Greek Life
Dan P.
Marching Band, School Spirit, Game Day
Danielle J. & Jennifer P.
Campus, Transportation, School Spirit
Danielle R.
Recreational Center, Gym, Rocking Climbing Wall
Darius J.
Academics, Education, People, Marching Band
Dave M.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
David H.
College Of Education
David S.
Student Clubs And Activities, Dorms, Society Of Professional Journalists
Delphine E.
Ice Hookah Lounge, Hookah, Nightlife, Atmosphere, Food
Derek H. & Jim T.
Tailgating, Girls, School Spirit, Drinking
Derrick L. & Matt L.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Divina M.
Mall, Resources
Dorothy T.
A Taste Of Philly, Restaurant
Doug M.
Towson Wines & Spirits, Store
Ed F.
Professors, Commuting
Eileen F. & John P.
Campus, Center For The Arts, Nightlife
Emily C.
Marching Band Competition
Emily G.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Emily H.
Theater Program, Center For The Arts Program
Eric W.
Fundraising, Cookies For Cash, Bake Sale
Evan L.
Eve M. & Brianna C.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Fatima A.
Campus, Classes, Personality, Professors, Nightlife, Hookah Bar
Frank Q. & Alex B.
Girls, Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking, Diversity
Genie S.
Tailgating, Sports, Football
Gina S.
Parties, Campus Life, Food, Pazan's
Greg D.
Greek Life, TKE, School Spirit
Hilary D.
Sushi Bar, Restaurant
Jackie D. & Group
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Jake E.
Video Library
James M. & Anthony O.
Tailgating, School Spirit, Drinking
Jamie M. & Katie M.
Recreational Center, Gym, Pool
Jason A.
StraPassa, Restaurant
Jen L.
Greek Life, Boys, Phi Sigma
Jenna S.
Cafeteria, Food
Jennifer R. & Group
Homecoming, Football, School Spirit, Tailgating
Jenny H.
Video Library
Jessica D. & Lindsay H.
Student Clubs & Activities, SGA, Sofa Series
Jessica H.
Student Clubs & Activities, Greek Life, Philanthropy, Joan's Miracle Network
Jessie P. & Rob F.
Tailgating, Drinking, School Spirit
John C.
Recreational Center, Gym, Rocking Climbing Wall, Basketball
Joseph C.
Campus, Housing
Joseph M.
Ice Hookah Lounge
Josh C. & Group
Girls, Team Spirit, Tailgating
Josh S.
Ice Hookah Lounge
Julia M. & Group
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Drinking, Homecoming
Julia N.
Ice Hookah Lounge, Hookah, Nightlife, Atmosphere, Food
Julie E.
Sports, Athletics, Academics, Study Hall, Recreational Center
Justin W. & Group
Student Clubs & Activities, Majors, Martial Arts Club
Kara S.
School Spirit, Game Day
Kate M.
Team Spirit, Homecoming
Katie H. & Matt H.
Tailgating, Drinking, School Spirit
Katie J.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Katie L.
Student Clubs & Activities, House Science Department, Campus
Keith M.
Film Program, Tailgating
Keith P.
Marching Band, Game Day
Keith T.
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Girls
Kelly K. & Rachael S.
Tailgating, Team Spirit
Kendall K.
People, Diversity, Football, Tailgating
Keri W. & Group
Tailgating, School Spirit, Drinking
Kevin M. & Group
Tailgating, Drinking, School Spirit
Kieran P.
Katmandu Kitchen, Restaurant
Kim H.
Aparadox, Store
Kimberly D.
Psychology, Tailgating, Parties, Honors Program
Kirk M.
Team Spirit, Greek Life, Team Spirit, Drinking, Tailgating, Homecoming
Kristin R.
Greek Life, Boys
Kristin W.
Programs, Professors
Larry W.
Frisco Burritos, Restaurant
Latoya L. & Gillian G.
Student Clubs & Activities, Black Student Union, Football, School Spirit
Laura D.
Mascot, Atmosphere, School Spirit
Laura G.
Marching Band, School Spirit, Game Day
Laura P.
Programs, Classes, Anatomy
Laura S.
Lauren P.
StraPassa, Restaurant
Lauren P.
School Spirit, Football Game
Lauren R.
People, Football Game
Lenny M.
Classes, Finance, Art
Lindsay S. & Group
Film Crew, Sorority, Dorms, Classes
Madison R.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Marabeth L. & Beth S.
Souris' Saloon, Atmosphere, Guys
Marissa M. & Colin A.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Marvin M.
Business Program, Professors
Mary A.
Lacrosse, Sports, Study Hall, Football, School Spirit
Mary M.
Alumni, Football Game
Maso Z. & Group
Tailgating, School Spirit
Mathias N.
Greek Life, Girls
Matt B.
Matt B. & Group
People, School Pride, Football, School Spirit
Matt G.
Professors, Speech Pathology
Matt H.
Girls, Tailgating, Team Spirit, Beer Pong
Matt M.
Football, Advice
Maureen M. & Laura S.
Meet People, Atmosphere, Field Hockey
Megan O.
Megan P.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Megan W.
Lacrosse, Sports, Campus, Nightlife, Iguana, Fraternity
Melissa M. & Tara K.
Recreation Center, Boys
Melissa O.
Recreational Center, Gym, Group Exercise Program
Michael B.
Dorms, Campus, Professors, Commuting, Off Campus Living
Michael K.
Recreational Center, Gym, Pool, Swimming, Coach Pat
Michelle D.
Campus, Classes
Michelle P.
Team Spirit, Tailgating
Mike C. & Britney B.
Game Day, Sports, Football, The Village, Bars
Mike C. & Group
Girls, Tailgating, Team Spirit
Mike G.
Baseball, Sports, Athletics, Academics
Mike H.
Mike H. & Group
Tailgating, Drinking, School Spirit, Professors, Education
Mike M. & Raymond A.
Nightlife, Restaurants, Food, Parties
Mike T.
Tailgating, Drinking
Minong A.
Tailgating, Team Spirit
Monte G.
Transfer Student, Campus
Nadine Q.
Nate S. & Group
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Football
Neil M. & Ashley M.
Football Game, School Spirit
Nicole C. & Jillian A.
Cheerleading, Tailgating, Team Spirit
Nicole C. & Jillian A.
Cheerleading, Tailgating, Team Spirit
Nicole D.
Student Activities, African Diaspora Club, Black Student Union, Step Team
Noah W.
Souris' Saloon, Bar, Food, Atmosphere
Noel R.
Schedule, Meal Plan
Paige C.
Professor, Restaurants, Food, Dorms, Classes, Human Evolution & Pre-History
Raisa B.
Restaurants, Nightlife, Thai One On, Food, The Rec Room, The Green Turtle
Ramon S.
Transportation, Campus Life, Classes
Rebecca L.
Dorms, Professors, Classes
Rob N. & Lauren B.
Tailgating, Drinking, Making Friends
Robert N. & Sruti G.
The Rec Room, Pool, Atmosphere
Roxanne N. & Liz M.
Sports, Co-ed Softball, Campus, Beach, Books
Ryan D.
Girls, Team Spirit, Tailgating
Ryan S.
Sports, Football, School Spirit, Game Day
Ryan W.
Girls, Partying, Tailgating, School Spirit
Samantha M.
School Spirit, Game Day, Football
Sara E.
Resident Assistant, Campus, Programs, Student Government
Sara Z. & Jaclyn Z.
Art Program, Classes, Graphic Design
Sarah B. & Group
Sarah D.
Restaurants, Nightlife, Thai One On, Food
Sarah F. & Andrew R.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Scott G.
The Rec Room, Bar, Restaurant
Scott M.
The Rec Room, Deals, Atmosphere, Pool
Sina F.
Stephanie C. & Jennifer F.
Tailgating, Greek Life
Stephanie L.
Souris' Saloon, Bars
Stephanie L.
Football, Field Hockey, Tailgating
Stephanie S.
Stephanie S. & Stephanie C.
Team Spirit, Homecoming, Greek Life, Drinking
Steve B.
The Rec Room, Bar, Restaurant
Steve C.
The Rec Room, Restaurant, Atmosphere, Food, Pool
Steven B.
Recreational Center, Gym, Weight Room
Terrine S.
Campus, Mall, Guys
Terry G.
Baseball, Sports, Athletics, Academics
Tianna H.
Academics, General Studies
Tianna K.
Student Clubs & Activities, Palm Squad
Tim S. & Group
Tailgating, Drinking, Beer Pong
Tomica A. & Group
Cheerleading, Tailgating, Team Spirit, Mascot
Tony Y.
Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar, Restaurant, Atmosphere, Food, Alcohol
Tori Z.
Tailgating, Team Spirit, Homecoming
Tory K. & Emily L.
Classes, Groups
Whitney F. & Rachel O.
Dorms, Student Activities, Greek Life, Food, Student Life
Will C.
Tailgating, Team Spirit
Yoni R.
Ice Hookah Lounge, Hookah, Nightlife
Zack M. & Cookie M.
Ice Hookah Lounge, Hookah, Nightlife, Atmosphere
Towson University COMMENTS
Although Towson offers a variety of majors and activities, it tends to attract all the same people. This school lacks diversity in every possible way-- same cultures, backgrounds, and even tastes. But, students enjoy making new friends easily because everyone has so much in common. Most don't live on campus so it can get empty on weekends, but there isn't a lack of things to do. Most professors teach and invest in students with great heart, which adds immense value to the education students receive here in comparison with many other schools.
The Prudent Student (October 11, 2009)
With more than 21,000 students, Towson University is the second-largest public university in Maryland. As a metropolitan university, Towson combines research-based learning with practical application. Our many interdisciplinary partnerships with public and private organizations throughout Maryland provide opportunities for research, internships and jobs. Towson University is a founding member of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU); TU President Robert Caret holds the office of president.
The Prudent Student (October 7, 2009)
Most fraternities at schools around the country are small subsets of a national organization. For example, Alpha Epsilon Pi (usually called AEPi) has chapters at over 200 schools, each with their own unique dynamics. Still, many sacred aspects of fraternity life and initating are kept constant throughout chapters to maintain tradition. These fraternities are always registered with campus Greek Life committees who oversee the partying and operational scene. Usually conforming to their standards is no problem- have a 'sober brother' (usually a freshman) abstain from drinking for a night to make sure things don't get too rowdy, cut the loud noise by 2 am, inform the committee ahead of time etc. Many schools also have "off-campus" frats. These are those that were kicked out of the official greek life circle, or never were in it to begin with. While they miss out on some great aspects of the greek community, they essentially function unregulated. Getting kicked out can stem from penalities that usually arise from parties and events that dont follow the rules. Sigma Chi, for example, was just dropped from the Towson Greek Life Circle: "From the University's perspective Sigma Chi has been in trouble for a couple of years now," Teri Hall, associate vice president for campus life, said. "When they were basically on the last rung of our judicial ladder, we found them to be in violation of the code of conduct." Coordinator of fraternity and sorority life Christian Miele said their expulsion was due to, "a violation of a suspended suspension." In order for Sigma Chi to be reinstated, they have to meet with Miele once a month for counseling. The group cannot hold any events on campus, nor can they hold meetings without a national fraternity representative present. Representatives from Sigma Chi National Fraternity Headquarters could not be reached for comment, although the Towson chapter is still recognized by their national affiliate. "There were concerns that they weren't following social event policies." "There might've been issues of consumption of alcohol by someone who's not of drinking age," Hall said. "This is not something the University has entered into very lightly. Suspending a chapter is a very serious thing." This aspect of school is one that most people don't know much about before entertaining college choices, but it ends up playing a large role in the social life that you will lead throughout college.
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