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University of California - Los Angeles

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405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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NOW PLAYING: Michelle H. - pre-med sports
Aaron F.
Transfer Student, Making Friends
Aaron P.
Film Major, Classes
Albert C.
History Of American Film
Albert M.
Football, Tailgating
Alex A
Cafeteria Food, Studying, Freshman
Alexandra F.
Diversity, Campus, Greek Life, Tailgating
Alexandra S.
Sex Education
Alice O.
Transfer Student, Classes, Professors
Alison A.
Athletic Department, Campus
Alley D.
Sports, Volleyball, Activities
Alvida A.
Transfer Students, Diversity
Amanda R.
Internship, Greek Life, Clubs, Atmosphere, Guys
Amanda T.
Freshman, Student Body, Dorms
Amir H.
Football, Girls
Andrew C.
Bio-chem Major, Greek Life, Professor Ruban
Andrew G.
Marching Band, School Spirit, Football
Angela L.
Clubs, Groups
Angelica H.
Football, School Spirit
Anna G.
Sorority, Student Life
Arnold B.
Professor, Micro Biology, Bio Chemistry, Exams, Office Hours, Classes
Ashley B.
Football, School Spirit, Transfer Students
Ben A.
Marching Band, Band Camp, Rose Bowl
Brick C.
Westwood Village, Nightlife
Brigham H.
Football, Game Day, The Rose Bowl
Britney M.
Campus, Dorms, Cafeteria Food, Groups
Candice C.
Westwood Village, Nightlife, People, Red Mango, Food, Restaurant
Carla E. & Erica H.
Saxon Suites, Dorms, Campus, Diversity
Caroline K.
Transportation, Parking, Food
Caroline P.
Dorms, Cafeteria Food
Catherine B.
Campus Traffic, Parking
Chad S.
Student Life, School Spirit, Atmosphere
Chris F.
Westwood Village, Nightlife, Bars, Football, School Spirit
Chris S.
Sports, Campus, Freshman
Christina D.
Marching Band, Competition
Christina L. & Elise B.
Making Friends, Dorms, Food, Guys
Christina S.
Football, Game Day, Team Spirit
Claire P.
Orientation, Food, Atmosphere, Students, Classes
Clark D.
Den, School Spirit
Cleary Q.
Campus, Greek Life, Sorority
Courtney R.
Transfer Students, Guest Speakers, School Spirit, Campus
Courtney S.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Courtney S.
Westwood Village, O'Harrah's, Bars, Nightlife, School Spirit, Guys
Crystal M.
Westwood Village, Nightlife, Comedy Clubs
Crystal S.
Student Jobs
Dana J.
Marching Band, School Spirit
Daniel C.
Sports, Clubs, Activities
Daniel F.
Student Body, Campus, Activities
Danielle F.
Campus, Classes, Student Body, Law Major
Danielle R.
Sports, Clubs, Parties
Danielle Z.
Dorms, Cafeteria
Danielle Z.
Game Day, Team Spirit, Football
Danny E.
Campus, Weather, Girls, Greek Life, Sigma Kai, Nightlife, Maloney's
Dave M.
Sports, Football, Tailgating
David C.
Campus, Student Body, Sports
David P.
Student Body, Classes, Professors
Deborah K.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Delmont B.
Social Welfare Department, Majors
Derek H.
School Spirit
Devon B.
Campus, Dorms, Cafeteria Food
Diana B.
Marching Band, Band Opportunities, School Spirit
Diana D.
Sports, Volleyball Player
Diana Y.
Clubs, Activities
Dina W.
Football, School Spirit
Elizabeth K.
Student Clubs, Activities
Ella P.
Class Sizes, Dorms
Elvira V.
International Students, Activities, Dorms, Classes
Emily M.
Campus, Greek Life, Student Clubs
Emily P.
Campus, Dorms, Scholarship, Cafeteria
Emily R.
Freshman, Programs, Classes, Dorms
Emily T.
Campus, Dorms, Student Body, School Spirit
Emma H.
Bike Transportation, Safety
Evelyne L.
South Street, Restaurants
Frank F.
School Spirit, Team Spirit, Football
Gina K.
Professors, Classes
Gladis F.
Westwood Village, Nightlife, Gypsy Café, Drinks, Hookah Bar
Goal S.
Transfer Student, Campus, Dorms
Guido P.
Hade B.
Transportation, Skateboarding, Campus
Heather D.
Cheerleading, Team Spirit, Football
Hedding R.
Victory Bell, Football
Heidi H. & Group
Football, School Spirit, Transfer Students
Hong N.
Clubs, Activities
Isaac R.
School Spirit
Izzet F.
Boba Loca, Coffee And Tea, Hangouts
Jacob M.
Chemistry Major, Education, Student Life
Jake F.
Sports, Tennis, Classes, Coaches
Jamie L.
Julia's Ultimate Guide, Tailgating, Football
Jason B.
Marching Band
Jeff M.
Football, School Spirit
Jen L.
Student Life, Class Sizes, Apartments, Guys
Jenna K.
Reeber Hall, Dorms, Sports, School Spirit
Jenna M.
Dorms, Activities
Jennifer S. & Kayla S.
Dorms, Sports, Athletic Department
Jenny M.
Westwood Village, Special Athletes Gym, Celebrities, Campus, Student Life, Nightlife
Jessica J.
Diversity, Professors, Med Student, Literature
Jessica N.
Campus, Classes, Student Groups
Jessica N.
School Spirit, Football
Joey B.
Community, Football, Education
Joey B. & group
School Spirit, Football
John B.
Dorms, Counselors
John K.
Football, Tailgating
Jordan M.
Campus, Student Body, Activities
Josephine P.
Campus, Apartments, Commuting
Josh H.
Student Body, Activities, Classes
Judith J.
The Rose Bowl
Julia C.
Julia's Ultimate Guide, Tailgating, Football
Julia K.
Art Major, Classes, Professors
Julia M.
Westward Brewing Company, Bar, Campus
Julie H.
Bruins For Animals, Organizations
Julie S.
Shops, Class Sizes
Kate H.
School Spirit, Football, Classes, Tailgating
Kathryn C.
Greek Life, Law Major
Katie B.
Apartments, Parties, Guys, Famous Guests, Job Opportunities
Katie G.
Atmosphere, Dorms, Reputation, Westwood
Katie W.
Team Spirit, Cheerleading, Football
Katrina B.
Dorms, Rieber Hall, Orientation, Nightlife
Kayla T.
Arts Department, Student Life
Ken W.
Clubs, Business Fraternities
Kevin H.
Football, School Spirit
Kevin W.
Kim L.
Team Spirit, Football
Kim W.
Westwood Village, Nightlife, Ultimate Improv, In-N-Out Burger
Kit C.
Football, School Spirit
Kristina L.
Classes, Dorms, Professors
Kristina L.
Dorms, Campus, Clubs
Lauda S.
Major, Classes, Campus
Laura G.
Student Body, Campus, Clubs, Classes
Laura K.
Campus, Greek Life
Laura S.
Campus, Population, Classes, Los Angeles
Lauren C.
Dorms, De Neve
Lauren G.
UCLA Store, Jobs, Dorms, Majors
Lauren M.
Dorms, Student Boy, Classes, Professors
Lauren R.
Professors, Campus, Classes
Lauren S.
Student Body, Campus, Westwood Village, Nightlife
Lauren V. & Eric C.
Student Body, Dorms, Campus
Lena W.
Tailgating, School Spirit
Lindsay L.
School Spirit, Football
Lindsay M.
Campus, Professors, Classes
Lonnie C.
Student Life
Lucy O.
International Student, School Spirit
Mai N.
Dorms, Campus, School Spirit, Nightlife
Malay C.
Sports, School Spirit
Manny C.
Food, Diversity
Maria B.
Los Angeles, Graduate Students
Marta K.
Campus, Professors, Classes
Matt N.
Clubs, Activities, Student Body
Max G.
Tailgating, School Spirit, Girls
Maximo S.
Westwood Village, Brucco's, O Harra's, South Street Grill, Restaurants, Bars
Megan W.
Melanie L.
Departments, School Spirit, Professors
Michael H.
Student Body, Sports, Football
Michael M.
School Spirit
Michael M.
Marching Band
Michelle H.
Pre-med, Sports
Mike S.
Flip Cup, Team Spirit, Drinking
Mitchell W.
Classes, Apartments, Bars, Malone's
Mona H.
International Student, Campus
Monica H.
Athletics, Track, Guys
Mustafa S.
Muslim Students' Association
Nahne C.
Dorms, Bathroom, Campus
Natalie A.
Student Life
Natasha L.
Campus, Sports Groups
Nicole B.
Saxon Suites, Dorms, Campus
Nicole D.
Campus, Morgan Center, Sports
Nina V.
Tuition, Campus, Rhode Art Center
Pantea T.
Student Life, Dorms, Genocide In Rwanda, Classes
Pearson C.
Campus, Student Body, Majors
Pollyanna S.
Gym, Campus, Classes, Professors
Promode G.
Dorms, Activities, Campus
Quame A.
Student Life
Rafe M.
Tailgating, School Spirit, Football
Reese P.
Westwood Village, Nightlife
Robert K. & Chris J.
Sports, Football, Players
Rodrigo D.
Dorms, Study Abroad, School Spirit, Freshman
Rosalie H.
International Students, Organizations
Ryan B.
School Spirit
Ryan L.
Sahar S.
Academics, Classes, Teacher's Assistants
Sahara H.
Campus, Diversity, Dorms
Sarah D.
School Spirit, Football
Sarah P.
Ultimate Frisbee, Student Clubs
Sasha B.
Westwood Village, Security, Greek Life, Philanthropy
Savanna C. & Nancy S.
Saxon Suites, Dorms, Meal Plan, Apartments
Scott B.
Greek Life, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Parties, Girls
Shannon Q.
Sports, Activities, Westwood, Dorms, Sororities
Sharice S.
Football, Game Day, School Spirit, Den
Shell C.
Weather, Class Sizes
Siobon O.
School Spirit, Team Spirit, Atmosphere
Sod N.
Football, Sports, Tickets
Sophia M.
Saxon Suites, Dorms, Campus
Sophie C.
Orientation, Food, Dorms, Exercise, Guys, Athletes
Star D.
Grad Student, Social Welfare, Internships
Stephanie M.
Student Life, School Spirit
Steve T.
Student Clubs, Activities
Tanya B.
Marching Band, Football Games, Transfer Student
Tara W.
Dorms, Cafeteria
Tiara W.
Campus, Classes, Programs
Tilly K.
Music Major
Tori P.
Sports, Track And Field, Gyms
Trixie M. & Pixie P.
Westwood Village, Fraternities, Greek Life, Hollywood
Tyler D.
Student Activity Center
Valerie A.
Campus, Sports, Gym
Vanessa G.
Clubs, Student Body
Vanessa L.
Transfer Student, Clubs
Vanessa Y.
Football, Game Day, School Spirit
Vanessa Y.
Student Clubs, Activities
Victor B.
Bus Tickets, Football, Rose Bowl, Tailgate
Vivian C.
Marching Band, Football
Vivian L.
Marching Band
Westin D.
Classes, Sports
William L.
Sports, Tennis
Won N.
Dorms, Cafeteria Food
Yujong P.
International Students, Diversity, Classes
University of California - Los Angeles COMMENTS
Strong sports legacies (basketball dynasty, anyone?), amazing research facilities, and all the social hype of wonder so many students vie to become a Bruin. Diverse in populous, extracurriculars, and academics, students who take advantage can have the best possible college experience. Downside is that professors may care more about their research than students learning so don't be offended if they forget your name. Even so, students might say if you don't love it here then there's something wrong with you--not the school.
The Prudent Student (October 12, 2009)
One of the best things about Intramural (IM) Sports is the freedom that you have. You create your own team and you decide how competitively you want to play. Whether you want to play flag football recreationally or play indoor soccer competitively, it's all up to you. Leagues are divided into different divisions and classifications so you can decide which skill level you want to play.
The Prudent Student (October 12, 2009)
The Activity Guide is more than a list of classes: it's your guide to fitness and fun at UCLA Recreation! The Activity Guide shows you all the different classes UCLA Recreation offers, from instructional classes like archery or tennis, to outdoor trips like kayaking and hiking, and even arts and craft classes like digital photography and guitar! Our classes are all taught by trained and passionate instructors.
The Prudent Student (October 7, 2009)
I just got back from spending time with a great friend at UCLA for a summer program. It was my first time there and it surprised me in a lot of ways. I was expecting a massive campus, extending infinitely in all directions. You can get information on exact measurements here, but I was pleasantly surprised by the small, cozy campus feel that I got when visiting. I figured there was plenty more that many people wouldn't expect about the school so I searched online and found this blog entry by an admissions officer: When asked "What do you think is the most surprising thing about UCLA?," Undergraduate Admissions student workers had the following to say. How friendly the people are and how great the professors are. I am still waiting for a surprise. You really feel like you're at the center of the action. The diversity of the staff and instructors. There's much more diversity among instructors than expected. It's always so clean. There's never a stray leaf on campus. That more people don't know how amazing we are. The surprising thing about UCLA is that every year it feels that the year goes by so quickly. Before you even know it, you're already a sophomore and then a junior after your freshman year. That we have around 800 student groups/clubs available on campus. Parking is ridiculous. Links. I find the campus to be very powerful with resources and the opportunities available beyond the initial contact. One can easily become active in a personal interest to develop into a passion. How small the campus feels. How accessible and friendly the faculty are. People go home on the weekends. The amount of resources available to students. Something new surprises me every day. So many different things going on at the same time
bowlman (October 6, 2009)
Strong sports legacies (basketball dynasty, anyone?), amazing research facilities, and all the social hype of wonder so many students vie to become a Bruin. Diverse in populous, extracurriculars, and academics, students who take advantage can have the best possible college experience. Downside is that professors may care more about their research than students learning so don't be offended if they forget your name. Even so, students might say if you don't love it here then there's something wrong with you--not the school.
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